Challenging experiences in rope courses

Rope courses are a challenging activity, it requires personal development and teamwork.mIt is formed by challenging elements  in the heights as in  low levels.

The Low ropes take place at ground level.

The upper elements are usually  suspended by cables or structures, they represent challenges,where the user overcomes fears,and shows  courage and balance. The upper elements  require a continuous security system. Some of the options we handle are:

Lifeline with cable

It can be used with  structures, trees or poles


  • Koala brand Safety equipment
  • The user follows an established path 
  • Personalized design
  • Personal safety equipment
  • It requires previous visit to the place
  • The installation will need various days
  • Civil work is needed 
  • Foundations in order to the needs of the project

LIfeline with rail


  • Continuous  belay Bolt safety system
  • 6 meters Standard measures
  • Pre established configurations and paths
  • Quick estimated budgets 
  • Simple  foundations
  • Quick installations
  • Temporal installations
  • Requires safety equipment
  • Structurally autonomous


  • Challenging rope courses at floor level
  • It doesn’t requires safety equipment
  • Operators are not required
  • Ideal for public spaces
  • Adaptable for every area