¿What is a climbing wall?

A climbing wall, is an artificially made wall with hand and foot grips, generally used for climbing indoors, but sometimes located outdoors.
Some of the options we manufacture:

  • FUNWALLS Funny climbing walls for, childs, youngsters and adults. This ones are personalized and can have different levels of difficulty . Option to manual belay or auto belay “trueblue”. From 4 to 12m of Height.
  • WALLS RECREATIVOS Y DEPORTIVOS High walls with different finishes, natural rock type, Reliefs, textured cover pro IV coating. Volume options or collapses to increase the difficulty can measure from 4 meters and up to 20 meters in height.
  • BOULDERS Horizontal climbing, with different difficulty levels. Walls with 3 to 4 meters in height.
    • It is not required safety equipment
    • Operators are not required
    • Mats or sandbeds are required
  • Valomotion. Interactive walls

    • Interactive attractions that combines video games and climbing